Saturday, December 04, 2004

Passwords: No Longer Dreaded... by me at least.....

A letter to the sibs....

Dearest Thérèse and Natalie,
your clever youngest sister has figured out the password that would allow us to gain access to Irving movie rentals. The thing is, I'm not going to tell you because I want something from you both. I think you 2 know what it is......


I love you girls.. especially rosa's pablo. Rosa with the heat rash.... oh man what a call. I'm still laughing Thérèse!!!!


I Love Basketball!!

Don't you think that space is a good thing? I believe that it is a good thing, even though it sometimes seems completely ridiculous. There is something absolutely artistic about a blank piece of paper.. it um.. represents the confusion of the artist, at that moment in time, it represents the artist's struggles to create something. Isn't that amazinG? here's an example of my expert artisticness.......

Okay so today there was an intense basketball game. I, of course, was the brilliant flawless scorekeeper. It is my talent, that should be added to my profile, excellent scorekeeper. Anyway, so there were about um.. 3.7 seconds left in the game and there was a timeout. A TIME OUT!! Everyone was eager and overwhelmed by the suspense of the game!! SUSPENSE KILLS!

Sweat was violently dripping from my forehead, so violent that I was hyperventilating.. that's a lie, but I would just like to emphasize the intensive atmosphere of the game. You see I have a very competitive side which tends to exaggerate some things sometimes.. or all the time.
Time in, and our team had possession of the ball... so we CHUCKED it to the other side in order to make 2 points for the win; the score was 68 to 69... so exciting. Unfortunately, a guy from the opposing team had caught the ball and the buzzer did its job.... it um.. buzzed...

UNFORTUNATELY, our team lost, but it was all in good fun, and by far the best basketball game I've ever witnessed in my life! I know I will be seeing al ot more basketball games after this year. It is steadily becoming a huge passion of mine. I love it! SO when we lost, I was sad for about 15 seconds and then I saw food. That changes everything. For my good deeds, I got a sub from subway (quizno's subs are obvioulsy better though) and was happy, soo soo happy. Free food makes me so happy, if that makes you wonder, ask my sisters maybe they can explain it to you, I can't explain it, it's inexplicable. It's like love, no one can really define love. Love is a splendid, inexplicable phenomenon which tends to make people happy. Similarly, food has that affect on me as well. Maybe we can conclude that I love food.

Basketball, I love it. What an intense game, I was so priviledged to be a witness to it. Wow. I miss it already.. I'm thirsty. Milk.


Sunday, November 28, 2004

Passwords: Sources of Destruction

Last night was the most devastating experience of my life... actually that's a lie, but it's pretty close....or not at all .

It was the night of darkness, a night meant for a movie. As dad, Thérèse and I approached the cashier at Irving with the most fromage queen cheese movie in hand, (starring hillay duff of course) we discovered that papa was keeping a secret from us-a password was required for movie rentals.

Since last night, I have been pondering what that password might be... it is haunting me and distracting me from what I should be focused on-homework.

Aahha actually that's not true either, but it was hilarious that dad would do such a thing, and also quite understandable as we would never return a movie on time. I think the largest fee we owed Irving came up to about $20 or was it more?

This story is an attempted warning to all you movie rental addicts: beware of late fees. By returning your movies on time, not only will you have extra money for that hot chocolate with whipped cream and little chocolate things on top of that whipped cream.... moose...but you'll not have to face the possibility of being unable to rent a movie ever ever again forever...
unless you go to Blockbuster!!! There is always a way...bahaha

Saturday, November 27, 2004


Once upon a time, today, the first T. of a deadly combination was roaming in a store called Paderno. This wonderful store contained spectacular cookie sheets, amazing aprons (the one with red hot jalapeño peppers was my favourite), and other things that are meant for.. cooking... in the kitchen...

So the young, beautiful T. walked elegantly around the store when suddenly, her book-hungry urges overwhelmed her and she could definitely not resist clutching the random, lonely book that was sitting on the top of a shelf entitled "Wife of a Chef".

As T. was entranced by the story of a cook's wife while being completely in the way of the cookiesheet admirers, I observed her and thought 'wow'.

Soon, the mother T.N.T. bought a massive cookie sheet (which actually ended up being an obese cookie sheet because it would not fit into the oven) thus forcing the reader to let go of her beloved book.

And so, this true story ends quite sadly...when Thérèse somberly said to the cashier..."I don't know where this lives" and quickly ran out of the store....



And what it stands for.

T - Thérèse

N - Natalie

T - Tanya

We are a deadly combination.